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Monkey Fest LATAM: XAML Design Thinking Workshop

Event name:                                   Monkey Fest LATAM

Workshop name:                          XAML Design Thinking

Workshop facilitators:               Leomaris Reyes

Isuara Jimenez (Designer)

Language:                                       Spanish

Participating country:                Dominican Republic ??, Colombia ??,Peru ??, Brasil ?? , Mexico ??.

Place:                                                Ruta N,  Medellin Colombia ??.

On September 29, I had the honor of sharing stage with Isuara Leidy Jimenez Guerrero, we was giving the workshop “XAML Design Thinking ” in Medellin Colombia  ??. It was very exciting to be able to mix profiles of designers and developers so that together they can develop their interfaces with Xamarin Forms.

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Thanks for reading!!! ??

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