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Applying Mask in Xamarin Forms

When we develop an Application, it’s important to take into consideration every feature possible to ease the user’s experience. Our brain behaves based on patterns, therefore, has the ability to understand certain information faster according to its presentation. For example: Without having to read a lot, we can see that “(809) 222-3333” is a telephone number. That’s why, in this post,…

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Behaviors, Xamarin

Learning to use Behaviors in Xamarin Forms

What is a Behavior? Behaviors let you attach a piece of functionality to an element in a view. This feature can be reusable and give us an easy way to do unit testing. Which steps do I have to do? 1⃣  Create the Behavior container class To add a Behavior in a control you must create a class which inherits from the Behavior<T>  class.…

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