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My Experience on .NET Conf CO 2018

On November 8, 9, 10 and 11, I was invited to participate as a speaker in .NET Conf CO 2018.  This conference is the most important .NET event celebrated in Medellin, Colombia ??. The event took place in the Ruta-N building, which is the innovation and business Medellin center, created to promote innovative business technologies. In this great event where given different…

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Events, Xamarin

Making clickable graphic controls with TapGestureRecognizer

At the time of creating a screen design, we add all the graphics controls that we need, some of they need to be a clickable controls, but.. what happened if not all of your screen controls supports the Click event? For example, some controls as Label, Image… There is a solution! Now I will teach you, how can we make unclickable controls, clickable.…

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