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Replicating Food UI Sample

Well, I tell you that I really LOVE this!?I’m always searching different screen designs for mobile applications and I saw this one for a food application that I liked and when I saw it I definitely wanted to replicate it!

The design was obtained from the Dribble following link. We will be building the first screen!

Tools that I used

To replicate the Food UI, I used the following tools:

?Styles – A style is a set of visual properties that are defined with the objective of assigning specific visual characteristics for as many controls as you want to set. https://askxammy.com/how-to-work-with-styles-xaml-in-xamarin-forms/

?CollectionView – To display the list of data I used Collection view instead.  https://askxammy.com/make-your-life-simpler-with-the-collectionviews-layouts-%f0%9f%98%8e/

?MVVM – To work with the project structure. https://askxammy.com/applying-mvvm-design-pattern/

   And finally the Food UI repository ?

Thanks for reading!!! ??

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16 thoughts on “Replicating Food UI Sample

  1. Hi Leomaris! ¿Tienes algún link donde ver todo tu repositorio? El que se pueda ver claro 😉 Es que en github no me deja ir a tu directorio.
    Gracias, sigue así!!

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