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Hello! 🙌 Recently, I came across a post by David Ortinau that I found extremely helpful. Motivated by this, I chose to create a summary into an article format. 📝 In this post, you’ll find crucial information about important dates you need to know if you’re in the process of transitioning from Xamarin to .NET MAUI or if you’re still using Xamarin. Moreover, I’ll share how you can become an active contributor to this tool by providing your valuable feedback to the Microsoft team about your experience migrating applications from Xamarin to .NET MAUI. I hope you find it as useful as I did! 🚀

Let’s start!

Upcoming important dates

Say Goodbye to Xamarin 👋

Xamarin.Forms has evolved into .NET MAUI. Therefore, existing Xamarin.Forms projects will need to be migrated to .NET MAUI, which indicates that Xamarin has a set expiration date. It is important to note that support for all Xamarin SDKs, including Xamarin.Forms, will end after May 1, 2024.

For more detailed information on this subject, I invite you to explore this article in the official documentation.

See you Latter .NET 7 🥹

May 14, 2023: Support for .NET 7 will also be terminated. My personal recommendation is to start migrations well before the deadline. An early start will allow you to address any issues that may arise in your application.

For more detailed information you can enter to this link.

Nice to meet you Visual Studio For Mac 🫂

Visual Studio for Mac will no longer be available, so you might be wondering, “what now?” Don’t worry, the good news is that you can continue developing your .NET MAUI applications in Visual Studio Code!

I invite you to read this article about how to implement the MAUI Extension for Visual Studio Code. You can also find more details about this change in the official documentation.

What about App Store y Google Play? 

🔹 April 2025:  Is anticipated to be the final deadline for the Apple App Store to accept Xamarin applications built using Xcode 15. – More information here.

🔹 August 2025: Is expected to be the latest deadline for the Google Play Store to accept Xamarin apps targeting API 34..  – More information here.

🚀 Boost your community spirit, share your experience! 🚀

Ortinau has provided a link for you to share your feedback with the Microsoft team. I encourage you to contribute your experience to enrich the community and enhance the application migration process from Xamarin to .NET MAUI. To participate in this valuable feedback, you can start the survey by entering here.

Would you like to showcase your .NET MAUI application to Microsoft?

David is highly enthusiastic about exploring applications developed in .NET MAUI. Your feedback and the end product are of immense importance. I have personally witnessed numerous Microsoft events showcasing applications built in .NET MAUI, which is truly exciting! 😍

Thank s for reading! 💚💕

See you Later! 👋

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