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Interfaz Podcast “Triggers and behaviors in Xamarin Forms” .NET Conf CO 2018

About the Podcast

Podcast name:                               Interfaz Podcast

Episode name:                               Interfaz Podcast Episodio 92–En vivo desde la .NET Conf CO 2018-Triggers y Behaviors en Xamarin.Forms con Leomaris Reyes.

Description:                                   The podcast was recording with the Microsoft Regional Director and MVP Rodrigo Díaz Concha, we were talking about my experience on the .NET Conf Co 2018 and the workshop I gave: “Triggers & behaviors in Xamarin Forms”.

Language:                                       Spanish

Place:                                               Ruta-N, Medellin Colombia 🇨🇴

Participating countries:             Dominican Republic  🇩🇴 –  Mexico  🇲🇽

Podcast link:                        


I’m really thankful for the opportunity Rodrigo Díaz has given me to be a part of such an amazing project and podcast that is Interfaz. 💚

Thank you for reading! 😎

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