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Xamarin Online LATAM Fest LIVE: Tips to become a technical blogger, my experience as Xamarin Blogger

About the video:

Event name:                                    Xamarin Online LATAM Fest, January 2019

LIVE Name:                                     Why becoming a blogger help you grow in your career: My experience as Xamarin Blogger.        

Description:                                    I was speaking about how becoming a blogger help you to grow in your professional life, I was giving some tips so that you feel empowered to start your own blog. Also I was answering some questions about Xamarin Forms!

Language:                                        Spanish

Participating countries:              Some LATAM countries ( ??  ??  ??  ??   among others)

Interview link:                     

On February 21, I was participating in the Xamarin Online Latam Fest, I decided to give a LIVE about My advices on how to start a blog and how it  positively influences in our career, I previously wrote a post about this topic and I saw many people very interested!!! That’s why, in this time I did a LIVE sharing it! I hope I can help you to start right now with your own Xamarin blog! ?

Here the article link: 

Why becoming a Blogger help you grow in your career: My Personal experience as Xamarin Blogger

Some of the Live topics:               

? Tips to become a Xamarin or another technical blogger (Steps to start ?).

? Recommendations for group blogs:

? Is it possible?

? What should I take into account?

?Recommended amount of people

? Planet Xamarin community blog: Requirements to belong to planet Xamarin.

Thanks for reading!!! ?


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