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Problems loading a .gif in .NET MAUI?

Have you tried adding a .gif to your .NET MAUI application, but only see a still image and wonder why it doesn’t animate? 🤔 Well, today you will discover how to solve this quickly and easily! 🚀✨ Let’s start! GIFs are made up of a series of images that create a silent, repetitive animation. Adding a .gif to your application…

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Learning about Embedded Images in Xamarin Forms

Hello everybody! I hope that you all had excellent Christmas & New Year parties and had a great time with your loved ones! ??Now is the time to continue learning!  (Voice saying yes ?) In this article will be learning about Embedded Images. So… ? I imagine that at some point in your developer life when you are adding images to…

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Optimizing & Handling Images with FFImageLoading

At time to develop an application, if we need to add a lot of images, we know that the resource consumption will be increasing as many images as we add, thereby the memory of the device and the application performance will be affected. That’s why, in this article I will explain you a powerful way,  to help improve the device performance and…

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