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My participation in the “Primera hackaton femenina centroamericana”

About the interview

Organization name:                  Sula Batsú cooperative

Event name:                                “Primera hackaton femenina de Centroamerica 2017”

Interview data:                            October 4th, 2018

Category obtained:                    Master category

Description:                                  The interview was based on my participation experience in the “Primera hackaton femenina centroamericana 2017” .What challenges do I faced and what advice do I give to people to be encouraged to participate in these types of events.

Language:                                      Spanish

Participating countries:            Dominican Republic  ?? –  Costa Rica  ??

Interview link:                  

I’m really thankful for the opportunity Sula Batsú has given to Mujeres Tics community, for let us participate in this Hackaton . ?

Thank you for reading! ?

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