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[Talks] – Update Days .NET MAUI

Event name:                                  Update Days: .NET MAUI

Talk name:                                     .NET MAUI Layouts, navigation, shell &  MAUI Community Toolkit

Official Site:                        

Location:                                        Prague, Czech Republic

Language:                                       English

Date:                                                March 23th & 24th, 2023

I was invited to speak at the Update Days .NET MAUI event held in Czech Republic. This prestigious conference brings together some of the most renowned experts in the industry to discuss the latest developments in .NET MAUI, the new technology developed by #Microsoft.

I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have contributed my knowledge to all the participants at this event. I also had the privilege of meeting and connecting with other brilliant professionals in the industry, including Gerald Versluis , Roman Jasek!

Special thanks to Tomáš Herceg for the invitation! ❤️

Thank for ready! 💚💕

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