Animating color properties using .NET MAUI Community Toolkit

Providing users with information about their interactions within apps is critical for ensuring a positive user experience. For example, if a user clicks on a button and the process takes a few seconds to respond, it’s important to indicate that their request is being executed. One option for accomplishing this is to change the button’s color and/or text and include an animation when the user clicks. This article will teach you how to do it using the MAUI Community Toolkit.

First of all… What do I need to know?

What is .NET MAUI Community Toolkit??

  • It’s a collection of reusable elements such as animations, behaviors  converters, among others, for developing applications for iOS, Android, macOS and WinUI using MAUI.
✍️ Important! Adding this configuration to your project just once is enough to fully benefit from the Community Toolkit. If you’ve already implemented it using another NuGet feature, feel free to skip this step.

🔧 Still haven't implemented it? Check it here!

  • Add from NuGet Package: Community.Toolkit.Maui
  • Now let’s initialize: Go to your MauiProgram.cs file

In the CreateMauiApp method, place in the .UseMauiApp<App>() line and just below it add the following line of code:

⚠ Don’t forget to add the using CommunityToolkit.Maui;at the top of the class.

Let’s start!

What are the Color Animation Extensions?

In the example shown above, the background color of the button is changed to pink while the text color is changed to blue.

These are extension methods that enable you to animate the properties related to the colors of a visual element. We currently have two options available, which we will detail below:

🔹 BackgroundColorTo

Changes the Background Color of a Visual Element through animation to another desired color.

🔹 TextColorTo

Change the text color of a visual element to another desired color.

What parameters do you need?

Both animation extension methods receive the same parameters, which are as follows:

🔹 Color: The target color is used to animate the BackgroundColor of the VisualElement. – [Of type Color]  –  [This parameter is required]

🔹 Rate: This specifies the time interval between each animation frame, is measured in milliseconds. [Its default value is 16] – [This parameter is required]

🔹Length: This specifies the duration of the animation, is measured in milliseconds.  [Of type unit] – [Its default value is 250]

🔹Easing: Specify the easing function to be used in the animation. [Of type Easing] – [Its default value is null]

And done! 😎 From now on, you are ready to change the background color and the text of the visual elements of your app when interacting with the user!! 💚💕

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