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“The future of women in Tic” panel by Mujeres Tics

Event name:                                    CodeCamp SDQ 2019 by Mujeres Tics.

Panel name:                                    The future of women Tics

Language:                                        Spanish

Participating country:                 Dominican Republic ??    

Place:                                                Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo INTEC

I want to take this opportunity to make a brief presentation of the excellent professionals who were accompanying me in this panel.

Panel members:

? Claudio Sánchez     (Moderator):       CEO of Megsoft Consulting. Software Developer with a professional experience delivering mobile and cloud solutions.

? Julissa Mateo         (Panelist):              President of Mujeres Tics and System Engineer. She works for the development and inclusion of women in technology.

? Leomaris Reyes    (Panelist):              Vice-President of Mujeres Tics , Microsoft MVP,  Software Engineer, blogger and technology speaker.

? Karoline Taylor      (Panelist):            Director of specialization areas of Mujeres Tics and Software Engineer.

? Isuara Jimenez       (Panelist):             Director of Education of Mujeres Tics, Computer Science Engineer, Technology teacher and Digital marketing Specialist.

? Kenny Beltré           (Panelist):            Specialist in Digital Communication and Director of Communications of Mujeres Tics, Speaker, Blogger and Digital Designer with more than 5 years of experience focused on the Design of Interfaces and User Experience.

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