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Hello Xamarin! Let’s create our first mobile app talk

Event name:                                    CodeCamp SDQ 2019

Talk name:                                      Hello Xamarin! Let’s create our first mobile app!

Language:                                        Spanish

Participating country:                 Dominican Republic ??    

Place:                                                Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo – INTEC

On June 1st, I was participating in the  CodeCamp SDQ 2019. with my talk  “Hello Xamarin! Let’s create our first App in Xamarin Forms” and I spoke about what Xamarin Forms is, the tools needed to use it, how to start, among other important things  to encourage people to begin with Xamarin Forms ? ?!!!

? CodeCampSDQ is one of the biggest events in the Dominican Republic. 

Thank for reading!!! ??

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