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[Graduation Keynote Address] – IPOPSA

Event name:                                  IPOPSA Graduation

Talk name:                                     Graduation Keynote Address

School name:                                Santa Ana Parochial Polytechnic Institute (IPOPSA)

Location:                                        Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic

Language:                                       Spanish

Date:                                                December 03th, 2022


On December 3th, I had the honor of giving the Duex 2022 Graduation Keynote Address at the Santa Ana Parochial Polytechnic Institute (IPOPSA), which was my home of basic studies exactly 10 years ago. 💚

In the Dominican Republic, only 50% of students finish high school according to studies carried out by the SURA Foundation and REDUCA. And having the honor of participating and encouraging this percentage to increase is worth everything. I have no words to express how excited and proud I felt to be able to be a reference for young people with limited resources who will be starting their university studies, especially to show them that it does not matter where we come from or the social class, when you want you can. 💪

Thank for reading! 💚💕


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