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Live: Are you ready for cross-platform development? by Mujeres Tics community

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LIVE Name                                             Xamarin- Are you ready for cross-platform development?

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On December 7, I was imparting a Xamarin LIVE with MujeresTIC’s. This is a Dominican community that works for the inclusion of women in technology in our country. It’s important to note that both women and men are giving to our community the support to achieve it. ?

During this time, I talked about cross-platform development with Xamarin, it was a great experience because there were many people interested and participating in the LIVE and wanting to learn and improve their cross-platform development.

I invite you to watch the LIVE to learn about these topics!

A preview about the LIVE

Which were the topics discussed?

? Evaluating native development scenarios

? What is Xamarin?

? How does Xamarin Forms work?

? Knowing the Xamarin Forms project structure

? What is XAML?

? XAML structure

? Xamarin Forms: Pages, layouts and controls

? Example on how to start our first Xamarin Application

Before finishing this article, I would like to explain to you the following image that I’ve created to give more details about the native development scenarios, before having the option of cross-platform development.

I introduced the LIVE with this topic because I consider that it is the most important before diving into more technical topics.

In the image shown below, we can see, that a client (In this case Katty), needs to develop an application for Android, IOS and Windows Phone, so, she has two solutions to consider:

1⃣ Find three developers to create each application separately.

2⃣ Find an IOS /Android developer and wait for this person to learn the remaining platforms.

After taking the decision, Katty White got her application done.

My opinion about this type of development

Developing in a native platform gives you as result a robust application, but if you want or need the same application for different platforms, you have to take the risk that the applications have differences, or that the developers will not finish developing them at the same time, therefore you would launch the application only for a public of a specific platform. That’s why I recommend cross-platform development, in this case with Xamarin.

Thank you for reading ?!!!

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