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Panel: Mujeres, data vino y más

Event name:                                  Mujeres, data vino y más

Talk name:                                     Mujeres, data vino y más panel

Language:                                       Spanish

Participating country:                Dominican Republic 🇩🇴

Date:                                                 November 30, 2020

Place:                                                Online

On November 30, I had the honor to be in the “Mujeres, data, vino y más” online panel, organized by Aprendiendo DB con SQL Server. I was sharing with Elena Lopez (Moderator), Leslie Ramirez, Charlin Agramonte, Yesica Hernandez, Elisabeth Sanquintin and Gilda Alvarez,  wonderful and impressive women in the technology world.

The main focus of this event is to motivate more girls to join the world of technology by sharing our experiences, serving as a motivation to viewers to be encouraged to enter this wonderful world, especially women who sometimes feel a little excluded just for being a woman. Both men and women have the same ability and we make a wonderful team together !! 💚💕

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