Replicating great UI in Xamarin Forms

Hello, for this post I reproduced a super nice UI that was inspired by Mountain Trip Design  and I listed the themes I used to build it!

Tools that I used

To replicate the Mountain Trip UI, I used the following tools:

?Visual State Manager – It allow us the make visual changes to our controls depending on the state. I used VSM to get the Mountain list and the button bar effects. https://askxammy.com/getting-started-with-visual-state-manager-vsm-in-xamarin-forms/

?Grid – To obtain the  floating button bar  I used Gridhttps://askxammy.com/simple-way-to-create-a-floating-button-in-xamarin-forms/

?Mountain list– To create it, I inspired in this sample.

General tools:

?Styles – A style is a set of visual properties that are defined with the objective of assigning specific visual characteristics for as many controls as you want to set. https://askxammy.com/how-to-work-with-styles-xaml-in-xamarin-forms/

In the main image of this post, I added some screenshot of the IOS version,  now I’ll leave those of the Android one.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is MountainTripAndroid-1024x763.png   And finally the Mountain Trip UI repository ?


Spanish post: https://medium.com/@reyes.leomaris/replicando-una-bonita-interfaz-de-usuario-en-xamarin-forms-fa899063d51c

Thanks for reading!!! ??

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