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About the video:

Language:                                                Spanish

Participating countries:                      Dominican Republic ?? –  Bolivia ??

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On November 26, I was invited to the MentorHer program. I got the honor to have a conversation with Lesly Zerna who is a Tech Entrepreneur and Educator from Bolivia.

MentorHer, has the approach of motivating and include more girls in technology, their main objective is to mentor Bolivian girls on how to become leaders inside the technology world.

Which were the topics discussed?

◽ Mujeres Tics ?? 

Mujeres Tics is a community that works for the inclusion of women in technology in the Dominican Republic. I got the opportunity to tell Lesly about how our organization helps girls each day get included on technology and which are the challenges that we have as women in the field and the tips that we recommend when you are involved in the technology world.

◽ My Xamarin blog ?

I think that having a blog, is one of the best and beautiful ways to learn and to help others get involved in technology, in this case, I’m in love with Xamarin?. Every day I try to keep ahead with the topics, so I can contribute to the community and help others learn with me.

◽ The importance from networking in every event that I participate

The most beautiful treasure are memories that you make with people with whom you share these special moments of your life, that’s why I always try to create friendships with every person I get a chance to meet. On Tech events, you usually have time to network and share your knowledge with others you get to learn about their interest and create great new relationships. That’s why in the video, I recommended to let go your fear and panic and start meeting new people!

◽ I was giving my personal tips about how to become a woman in technology and a Xamarin Blogger

I will leave you the most important principles I followed to achieve my goals in my personal opinion:

1⃣  Share your knowledge in talks, workshops and blogs.

2⃣  Be encouraged to participate anytime you can in all the Tech events. Why? Because this type of experience really changes your life and help you to grow your professional experience and make your circle of friends bigger.

3⃣  Embrace being a woman in technology, it’s a beautiful blessing that you must enjoy. Both women and men are capable of doing whatever goal they set out to do. Together, we make the best team ever! I encourage you to enter this beautiful world!

Thank you for reading! ?

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