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Working with signatures in Xamarin Forms

We all have gone through the experience of someone asking for our signature or while working on a project that demands or requires somehow a signature… So.. I was thinking about how can I do this in Xamarin Forms and I found it!? Let’s See!

What about this Xamarin.Controls.SignaturePad.Forms?

With this plugin you can create , save (In Jpeg, Jpg and Png formats) and re-create by means of points a signature we’ve wrote in the past. This plugin, beside of Xamarin Forms Application , is available for native applications.

First of all.. What do I need?

  • Add from NuGet Package the plugin: Xamarin.Controls.SignaturePad.Forms:

Let’s Start!

You must add the following namespace on your xaml page:

After this, you have to add the tag that I show you bellow for the signature control:

This is the result:

Attributes of the SignaturePadView control:

✔   X:Name:                    Set the name of the control.

Visual attributes:

Here an example:

Saving the signature image

You must use using SignaturePad.Forms;

Getting the points required to build the signature and load it on the screen

This format is important if you want to recreate a signature on your screen. You can get the signature by an array of points. You can access it as follows:

And.. How can I load it…?

Good luck with your implementation! ?

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