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Creating lines in Xamarin Forms

Often we have some application screen that design needs to be divided for a line and that is why now I wrote this article about how to do it.

Let’s Start!

It’s too simple, you just have to add a BoxView in your screen design. Making a review about what is a BoxView, this is a graphic control that allows to create some decorations for your screen as a rectangles, vertical or horizontal lines.

How to create a line?

To create a line you just have to add BoxView graphic control and assign height or width value that you want for your line in the HeightRequest/WidthRequest attributes.

Doing horizontal and vertical line samples

In the following examples I used a FlexLayout. Let’s see!

Horizontal sample

Vertical sample

Good luck with your implementation! ?

Spanish post:   https://medium.com/@reyes.leomaris/creando-lineas-en-xamarin-forms-af6b94531a50


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