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Little things that you might know to prepare your project

Usually I write about some plugin explanations, functionalities, ease of using some graphic controls, among other stuff, but in this post I want to cover some little things that are important when we are preparing an application and sometimes “May not be necessary , “Because it’s not part of the code” or “Is just because you need a functional application”.. among a lot of other things. But let me tell you something.. When we are developing an application every part of the steps to create an app are important.

I will be covering following topics:

✏  How can I change my App name

✏  Changing my App Icon

✏  How to change the device orientation

Let’s start!

How can I change my App name

To change your App name, your have to go to each platform and configure the following things by platforms.

Android application name ?

IOS application name ?

Changing my App Icon

 Android application Icon ?

Just go to your MainActivity.cs, Icon property. If you want to change your icon name, you have to change it here. If not, just replace the actual image “icon.png”  by yours.

If you change your icon name: Go to your Android project and make a right click in Options , after in Android Application and change your Application Icon. This part is to display it in the Task-Manager.

IOS application Icon ?

Go to your Assets.xcassests folder from your IOS project.

When you open this folder it will be displayed as following screen:

To fill each of the required icons, you can use this icon generator: ,  load you image and generate your folder icons.


How to change device orientation in your device

Android orientation configuration ?

As I showed you in the first example, go to your MainActivity.cs from your Android project, you will see a code like this:

You have two options to select for your application device orientation:

  • ScreenOrientation.Landscape: Allows your application just to be displayed in a horizontal way.
  • ScreenOrientation.Portrait:  Allows your application just to be displayed in a vertical way.

You must set one of these properties in your MainActivity.cs:

IOS orientation configuration ?

As I showed you in the first example, go to your Info.plist from your IOS project and click in Source Tab. 

After, display the properties and find Supported interface orientations and/or Supported interface orientations (iPad) (If you want to make a change in your iPad device). IOS have default orientation attributes as I show you in the image, if you don’t want any of these you just have to delete them.

Or just go to your Info.plist from your IOS project and click in Application Tab and remove the check mark from the orientation that you don’t want.

Good luck with your application! ?

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