Make your life simpler with the CollectionView’s Layouts 😎

CollectionView allows us display a list of data. It’s very similar to the ListView but this control enhances the performance and memory management of the list and covers different layout presentations such as: Vertical, horizontal and grid, making it a lot better and saving us our precious development time. This control is available from the version of Xamarin Forms 4.0.…

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Simple way to create a Floating Button in Xamarin Forms

When we are creating some UI, there are some parts that may seem complicated, this may be true or not, it all depends on how we do the implementation, one example of this can be adding a Floating button in our screen, that’s why in this post we will be learning how to do this in a very simple way!.…

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Performance, Xamarin

Tips to improve performance in Xamarin Forms

It’s amazing when we use apps that have a quick response time, It’s very nice to see the applications which compromise our waiting time as little as possible. That’s why, as developers, we must put enough effort in ensuring that every application we make has the best performance possible. Granted, It’s amazing to be able to freely use components and…

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Talks and workshops

Remolacha.NET – Dominican Brains: Interview with Leomaris Reyes, outstanding Software Engineer

Cerebros dominicanos:Entrevista a Leomaris Reyes, destacada ingeniera de software On June 19, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by the online newspaper Remolacha.NET, one of the most read of its category in the Dominican Republic, it was an honor for me, I invite you to see the complete interview and the link displayed above. Source name:      …

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Database, Xamarin

Getting started with Local databases in Xamarin Forms

Most of the Applications that we develop, needs to have a local database to have some important information saved on the device, it’s important that, we only try to save information that is really necessary and locally required in our device, so our app always have the best performance possible. In this post, we will be learning how to implement a local database…

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