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Converting Colors in Xamarin Forms

This time, I want to share with you this great feature. Let me tell you something, when I saw this functionality I really LOVED IT 😍  !!! Because I can play with the colors! 💚 In this post, we will be learning about the different functionalities that Xamarin Essentials bring to in the System.Drawing.Color library. This explanation will be divided in the following…

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Let’s use the SearchBar control in Xamarin Forms

This time I will tell you about the SearchBar, which is a control that allows us make a search of a specific information between a set of these. To understand better, I will be display these topics in the following sets: 🔹 SearchBar basic structure 🔹 Implementing SearchBar Page Let’s start!!! SearchBar basic structure To understand better, is important to know…

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Why becoming a Blogger help you grow in your career: My Personal experience as Xamarin Blogger

I have been received messages from many different people, inspired by my work, asking me about how can they grow up in their career, how can they start becoming a Xamarin Blogger, what skills do they need to have, which advices can I give them, among other questions. That’s why in this time, I took a time to write about my experience being a…

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Simple tips to make better your Xamarin Experience on iOS

There are certain topics that are simple but often really hard to find online and we can spend dead hours only to find out how simple they are!, Today I will share with you some tips that are really simple, but can ease our Xamarin experience on iOS a lot. Things like how change the simulator orientation or how change…

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Working with AbsoluteLayout in Xamarin Forms

Often, while developing an application we face situations where we have a design that needs to implement different layouts that are not the ones we normally use (For example: StackLayout, GridLayout). Some mockups have a more complex design in which we need to organize some graphic controls overlapping others. That’s why, now Im going to explain you an easy way to learn…

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